Cloudy Fields makes frame-ready original artwork puzzles designed by and for Indonesians.

Our founders, two friends from college, started Cloudy Fields when both struggled to find mindful activities at home. Their everyday life was consumed with work and their leisure time was spent looking at screens. The global health crisis meant out-of-home activities were limited and more time was spent away from friends and families. This was when the idea of starting a puzzle company was brought to fruition.

They had the idea that puzzles are meant to be enjoyed from start to end—from the moment of opening the puzzle box to piecing together the puzzle to hanging them on the wall as artworks, the journey is crafted with great attention to detail.

Cloudy Fields puzzles are funky-shaped, which means some puzzle pieces are longer, shorter, fatter, skinnier, wider, and thinner—putting it together is more fun. They also believe that once a puzzle is completed, it should not be tucked away in a drawer, but it should be celebrated as an artwork to be hung on the wall. 

Hours on the floor, forever on the wall.